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Swedish Vallhund history

The history of the Swedish Vallhund can be traced back over a 1000 years and may have been known as the "Vikingarnas Dog".  Around the 8th or 9th century it was thought that the Swedish Vallhund was brought to Wales or the Corgi was taken to Sweden, hence the similarities between the two breeds; it is assumed that the Vallhund is the older.  Originally bred to herd cattle the Vallhund is alert, eager to please and learn, energetic, hardy dog that is longer legged, not as long in the body and not as stocky as the Corgi.


By 1942 the breed was almost extinct when Bjorn von Rosen and K. G. Zettersten began a breeding program using one male and three females.  A year later another dog and bitch were produced and these five Vallhunds were the source of the modern day breed.  In 1943 the Swedish Kennel Club recognized the breed and became known as the Svensk Vallhund (Swedish herding dog).  By 1964 the Swedish standard was revised and the breed became known as the Vastgotaspet after the Swedish province Vastergotland where the revived breeding program had originated in 1942.  The Swedish Vallhunds came to England in 1974 and in 1985 were exported to America but are most common in Sweden, Britain, Finland, Norway and Australia.

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